Who We Are

I’m Livin for Givin the Devil his Due

Called Not Chosen CnC is an Organization of Born Again Christians who stand in full opposition to the Born Again Christians who believe they can do anything they want and still go to heaven. This is on the basis that they can no longer come under condemnation. So they do any selfish, mindless, heartless evil they want without any regulatory oversight from Christ because they are absolved from all blame, therefore making a mockery of Christ by working with the devil.
In America Born Again Christians support the Republicans and Donald Trump, thereby mocking Christ. No Christian with The Holy Spirit could possibly support those who steal from the poor and give to the rich. The republicans severely oppress the poor and support the murder, rape, and torture of the weak, they are in favor of the satanic desires of the strong both in power and money. In other words these Born Again Christians have abandoned Christ and The Holy Spirit to their Damnation, so that they can be in league with Satan to have a cozy life while the good suffer and die.
They are on the side of the those who steal from the poor and give to the rich both through business and government. These Born Again Christians eat drink and be merry while True Christians suffer in agony and are murdered.

You pay preachers to tell you what you want to hear, to lie to you, to tell you that you do not have to do good, you do not have to do anything.
The reason I talk about politics is there are 100million bacs in America who support evil politicians and evil preachers.

I am not a republican or democrat or protestant or catholic or conservative or liberal. I am also not a moderate.

So the question is: Are There Any Christians Left: a Christian is someone who is Born Again but knows they can still go to hell. You throw away, as if it were shit on a rag, the grace of god: when you descide to do hideous evil like support Donald Trump who is Satan in a Human Body. They would never support such hideous murdering evil if they were made aware that Born Again Christians can still go to hell.

Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler and the republican party is the Nazi Party. I think we can be certain that the same people who tell you that you cannot come under damnation as a Born Again Christian also support Donald Trump and the Republicans: With Satan and his Demons You are a joke, a laughing stock, the life of the party.

The reason why American Senators and Representatives found Donald Trump not guilty of trying to overthrow the American Government is for only one reason: they only cared about keeping their cozy jobs. They don’t care if the republican party goes to hell, or if all their followers go to hell, all they care about is themselves and their cozy jobs: they are EXACTLY the same as Pastors.

If you are a Donald Trump suporter you need to get 666 tattooed on your forhead. No one with The Holy Spirit could possibly support Donald Trump. Mass murderer of Millions, the poor, homeless, the weak, those with covid.

Most Born Again Christians are basically evil. The cops at the capitol were shocked to learn this to be completely true; when they saw average nice born again christian good people trying to kill them in order to anoint donald trump dictator of America and put an end to the congress forever.

The NoCondemnationBS gives bacs permission to murder torture and rape the poor and the weak with impunity. It is why in america they are all republicans. If they knew they can still go to hell they would never be republicans.

They have lost their salvation, they have gone the way of cain, they do not believe they are their brothers keeper-which is the sign of satan.

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